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The Promised Land

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The Promised Land draws upon high points of the Bible—from Genesis through Ruth—to teach us how to find the Promised Land, how to establish the work of our hands, and how to be strong and courageous.

The Promised Land Full CoverIn its pages, learn how:

  • Abraham, Isaac and Jacob seek a Promised Land where they can be a blessing to all people
  • Moses establishes the work of his hands
  • Rahab and Ruth show more strength and courage than Joshua, Gideon and Samson
  • Jesus Christ is the perfect person who finds the Promised Land, establishes the work of his hands, and is strong and courageous.

Then learn how to use the Bible as an accurate and reliable guide for individuals and communities who seek the strength and courage to establish the work of their hands by reaching the Promised Land.

Total Pages: 240

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