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As a “war of civilizations” threatens Humanity, read all five books in The General Counsel Series to discover the civilization that is good, that is very good—the Promised Land.

Lighting The World Home Page

Lighting the World

Light the world by God's spirit.

Drawing on high points of the Bible—from Acts through Revelation—we can learn to light the world, not by might, nor by power, but by God’s Spirit so that we reach the Promised Land.

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Hoping In The Lord

Hoping in the Lord

From separation to the Promised Land.

Reviewing high points of the Bible—from Matthew to John—teaches us how Jesus carries us to the Promised Land.

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Healing The Promised Land Home Page

Healing the Promised Land

Drawing upon high points of the Bible

From the rise of the Monarchy in Ancient Israel to the renewal of Jerusalem after the Babylonian Exile—how to heal our personal Promised Lands and how to heal God’s Promised Land.

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The Promised Land Home Page

The Promised Land

Establishing the work of our hands.

Studying from Genesis through Ruth—we can learn how to find the Promised Land, to establish the work of our hands, and how to be strong and courageous.

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Visions Of America Church book

Visions of America, Visions of the Church

Joy and peace for all humanity.

Discover America as first seen in the hearts of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, and ways that the flight of Apollo 13 illustrates the experiences of the Church.

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