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For ease of reference, here are my blogs that are relevant to elections, grouped by the categories: Heroes of the Bible, Villains of the Bible, Visions of America, Wisdom of History, Spreading Light, Overcoming Darkness.


Building the Temple—Peter

Building the Temple—Jesus

Places of Worship—Following the Way of Jesus

Places of Worship—Seeing and Hearing

Beware the Power of the Kingdoms of the World

Beware the Power of Religion

Beware the Power of Money

Do Not Seek the Kingdoms of the World and Their Authority

Do Not Jump Off the Temple

Do Not Live on “Bread” Alone

Establishing Justice: Overcoming Denial—Elisha

Establishing Justice: Depression and Acceptance—Elijah

Establishing Justice: Bargaining—Elijah

Establishing Justice: Denial and Anger—Elijah

Jesus Climbs the Temple Mount

David and Jonathan Become Best Friends

Jonathan and His Armor-Bearer

Joshua Learns How To Be Strong and Courageous



Building the Temple—Herod the Great

Jezebel and Ahab: Greed, Lies and Violence

Pilate: The Power of Money

Judas Iscariot Betrays Jesus: The Love of Money

Raising the Star-Spangled Banner—Americans

Raising the Star-Spangled Banner—Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

Raising the Star-Spangled Banner—FDR and Churchill

Racism is America Gone Astray

The 500-Year Marathon To Overcome Racism

The “United States” Compared to “America”

George Washington Refuses To Become a King

Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address—Unifying Americans

Martin Luther King, Jr.—Restoring Hope and Giving a Vision

Nationalism Is Patriotism Gone Astray

Intensive Care Units or Health Clubs?


How Do We Build a Civilization That Is Good—That Is Very Good?

It’s All About People

Apollo 11 Raises The Star-Spangled Banner

Apollo 8’s Vision of the Good Earth

We Need Inspiring Visions of a Bright Future. Why?



Bearing the Cost

Pandemic Wisdom: Visions of America

Pandemic Wisdom: Hear and See, Understand and Perceive

Building Houses on Rock: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Building Houses on Sand: Specks and Planks

Overcoming Divisions



Grace and Peace—Corinthians

Grace and Peace—Thessalonians

Building the Temple—The Word

Speaking Up

Sabbath Jubilees

Sabbath Years

Pandemic Wisdom: The Faith of My Father


Establishing Justice: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

Proclaiming the Whole Counsel of God



Grace and Peace—Romans

Irresistible Hurricanes of the Holy Spirit

Parking Cars

Abusing People With the Word “Forgive”

Pandemic Wisdom: Multiple Choice Exams & No-Win-Scenarios

Steak or Salad?



To learn more about my Visions for America, please read my book Visions of America, published together with my book Visions of the Church.