Overcoming Darkness

Pandemic Wisdom: Sorrow, Thanks, Resolve

Here are my thoughts after having Covid: sorrow, thanks, and resolve.

After evading Covid for more than two years, I finally caught it.

Fortunately, my symptoms were mild. Essentially, a “cold” without even a fever.

Still, my symptoms were scary enough to give me a taste of the terror accompanying this disease.

A few times, deep congestion in my chest kept me from catching my breath. I could grasp what people experienced when they felt as if they were drowning.

For a brief time, I felt so weak I couldn’t lift my legs into my bed.

I wasn’t totally alone. My wife had Covid, too. Nevertheless, as I quarantined myself, I got a sense of that terrible loneliness that afflicted people as they died alone, without the presence or touch of friends and family.

I am left with three main thoughts.


Sorrow over the multitudes who have perished.

Sorrow over the multitudes who will perish yet.


Thanks for those who developed and distributed the vaccines, booster and antiviral pills that enabled me to have such a mild case of Covid.

Thanks for those who wore masks and social-distanced to gain time for vaccines, boosters and pills to be developed and distributed.


Resolve to urge governments to energize their efforts to distribute vaccines, boosters and pills to ALL Humanity.

Resolve to follow the Way of Jesus—the Great Physician—who came to heal ALL who are “ill”, whether literally or figuratively.

Resolve to become like Jesus—the Great Physician—when he told us, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.” (Luke 5:31).

Resolve to become like Jesus—a good physician who proclaims good news to the poor, recovery of sight for the blind, and freedom for the oppressed. (Luke 3:18-19).


For the Way that Jesus proclaims good news to the poor, recovery of sight for the blind, and freedom for the oppressed, please read my books Hoping in the LORD and Lighting the World.

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